White House wants to ensure that schools do a job much better prepare future teachers

Long amid concerns that its too easy to become a teacher, the White House Tuesday evening announced the new draft regulation that could review the manner in which teacher preparation programs are responsible for the performance of their graduates.

Earlier this month, a report of a Washington think tank found that the majors of education tend to earn more than other majors, confirming the perception of the damaging public that, too often, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in education is among the easier College career paths. The proposed regulations aim to change that.

The Obama administration had announced its intention to develop new standards for accountability of programs preparing teachers in April. After months of consultation with stakeholders, the Ministry of education has published the new draft regulations for public comment.The proposed rules require States to measure teacher preparation programs using four main criteria: new teachers job placement and retention, feedback from teachers new employers, learning outcomes of students and specialized accreditation.

The White House is allowing individual States to design specific measures. But under the proposed regulations, if States deem effective teacher preparation programs will determine which programs have access to about $100 million in federal grants.

Sex education programs gabrielle has long been clear that as a nation, we could do much better prepare teachers for the classroom. Its not just something that studies show – I hear education gabrielle programs sex in my conversations with teachers, principals and parents, said US Secretary to Education Arne Duncan in a statement released Tuesday. New teachers want to do a great job for their children, but sex education programs gabrielle often struggle early in their career and that you have to guess too much for themselves. Teachers deserve better, and our students do too.”

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Views of YouTube Taylor Swift has doubled after Spotify pull-out, with an average of 35 million views per day

After the removal of controversial music Taylor Swift of Spotify, their views on YouTube (including your Vevo channel) forex bot quick pips doubled in the first week. As reported by Mashable, from November 3 to November 9, Swift was approximately 12.5 million daily views short of 24 million views. On 16 November, swift had reached 35 million views daily, receiving an additional hit of the version of the song “White space” on November 10.

A. Despite the increase in YouTube games, Swift still sells 1,287 million copies of their most recent album, “1989,” during its first week of sales, reaching 2 million purchases after three weeks. In an interview with Yahoo! Music, Swift explained his reasoning for departing from Spotify:

“All I can say is that the music is changing so fast, and own the music industry landscape is changing so fast that everything new, like Spotify, everything feels a bit like a great experiment.And I am not willing to contribute with my life work to an experiment that I don’t feel quite compensate for writers, producers, artists and creators of music. And I disagree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free.”

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said the Elimination of the catalogue of Swift, writing, “started Spotify because we love the music and piracy killing them. So all the talk going around lately about how Spotify is winning money on the backs of the artists I dislike very much.” EK said that artists like Swift could win $6 million a year from Spotify, but Swift team reported that pips bot quick forex had received less than $500,000 through the past 12 months.

For more details on the great boom of YouTube’s Swift and an approximation of the return you can expect from the platform, head over to Mashable.

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Teachers get failing Grade on Social Media

Stop anxiety panic attacks is nightmare of every teacher. Your reputation, your integrity and your character can occur suddenly and irrevocably with the touch of a fingertip or a mouse click. Whose fault this gut-wrenching feeling of fear and anxiety, when the news breaks? There are most likely.

Of course, there are exceptions. Last year a headmaster in Maine on Twitter was forged by a student, created a fake account. The profile contain a picture of the principal taken from the school website. The situation was quickly resolved, but the incident left a sustainable impression in the minds of many parents and community members.

In 2013, a teacher of the first class at Paterson Elementary School (Paterson, NJ) gained national media attention after calling her first grade students “future crimes” in a Facebook entry. A teacher at the Newark Memorial high school (Oakland, CA) uses Twitter and said she wanted sting pour some of their students and hot coffee.

School districts continue with social-media policies and rules to fight because the boundaries between personal and public behavior are blurry and confusing. What is being said by a teacher on Twitter, Facebook or Google + like their personal accounts beyond the reach of the education policy, but anxiety stop attacks panic is not. If the instructions when a forum which is public, or contains no members of the wider school community are undertaken acts of teachers as a spokeswoman for the school district.

About the sensational cases that make the headlines, there is a larger and more permanent social-media Edition pests school districts. Unofficial classes and pages on Facebook have become an underground pipeline information and misinformation on schools. Schools are dedicated to marketing and Public Relations when confronted in the competition for the attention of the parties, a hard-fought battle with few resources.Worse still, principals know rarely what’s being discussed in these forums, until stop anxiety panic attacks becomes a problem.

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10 countries with the most slaves

Many believe that slavery is a problem of the past, but there is a real, but largely hidden problem. Approximately 35.8 million people are reduced to slavery in the world, according to a recent report from the Walk Free Foundation, a human rights organization.

Modern-day slavery differs from traditional slavery. In traditional slavery, what is illegal in each of the 167 countries in the Index of global slavery 2014, people were considered as legal ownership. However, modern slavery, which is defined as the possession or control of a person who deprives them of their rights to exploit them, exist in each of the 167 nations.

In some countries, the number of enslaved people is particularly high. Five countries only represent 61% of all expected people to live in the modern-day slavery, and 70% of all people slaves live in 10 countries. The India had the largest number of people living in modern slavery, more than 14 million.According to figures of the index of global slavery 2014, these are the countries with the most slaves.

Many countries on this list are also among the most populated worlds, that certainly plays a role in the great number of slaves. Seven of the worlds 10 most densely populated nations are among the countries with most people living in slavery. However, only size ignores the high levels of slavery in these countries. For example, the United States are the third country more populated worlds, yet seduccion elite has much fewer people enslaved than any other large country in the same way.

Click here to see the countries with the most slaves

In fact, a number of countries with the most slaves also have a high prevalence of slavery, measured as a percentage of the population.For example, more than 1% of the people of India, Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been judged by the Foundation Free Walk to be enslaved, a higher percentage than in most countries. In Uzbekistan, 4% of the people live in modern slavery, the second highest percentage in the world.

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Ending the ‘Emperor’ Obama ‘ will-he or no he ‘ immigration phase

So, that happened: This week, after several months of “will-he-or-won’t he” wonderings, President Barack Obama went ahead on his own and issued new executive actions to fill the space where a comprehensive immigration reform bill should be. We’ll sort this out with HuffPost immigration reporter Elise Foley.

Listen to this week’s “So That Happened” below:

Some highlights from this week:

“An activist was saying, ‘We got the most powerful man in the world to listen to us and to do what we asked him to do.’ That just makes them more motivated to keep going forward.” — Elise Foley

Meanwhile, the Senate came one vote shy of approving the Keystone XL pipeline — all because Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) got the notion that willing the pipeline into existence might rescue her all-but-doomed re-election prospects.HuffPost is environmental reporter Kate Sheppard here with their observations on this strange week in the life of the keystone debate.

Shapeshifter yoga is not in Louisiana. Yoga shapeshifter goes in Texas. She doesn’t like oil and gas in Louisiana, but I know that this pipeline is what’s going on, shapeshifter yoga sell on Mary Landrieu.”–Kate Sheppard

The Zach Carter added:

“The oil and gas industry likes it, but not everyone in Louisiana working for Exxon Mobil.”

Finally, you have CIA Torture report about this? This long-awaited investigation should be shortly before the publication of the problem in the war on terror. But this is now in doubt as lawmakers and the White House fight over newsrooms. We find out, what secrets we can with HuffPosts national security Reporter Ali Watkins.

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Why are medical mistakes our third leading cause of death?

“If no other doctors do well, at least paid take surveys home prepare their patients early to death, undermining, little by little and trim their enjoyment of life.”

These words from Montaigne are 350 years, but, unfortunately, all too often surveys take home paid describe the results of modern medicine, particularly where idiotically applies so heroic unnecessarily until the end of life.

I spend a lot of time going around to different places and professionals the public warning that overdiagnosis overtesting and overtreatment, are bad for our health.

Recently I witnessed these dangers firsthand. I have a friend who has lung cancer-the “good,” slow-growing kind. His doctors were less kind than the cancer. Paid take surveys home hold in ways that seem likely to kill my friend before her cancer does.

The fundamental problem is that modern medicine constantly violates the ancient Hippocratic Council: “it is better to know the patient who has the disease that the patient has the disease”.

My friend has a small army of highly skilled doctors all laboratory nourishing results in a small medical field, ignoring all the aggressive stuff they are doing other specialists. None of the doctors have a global picture of my friend’s treatment and specific risks and benefits that apply to each new test or treatment.

The result is dangerous medical mayhem. Doctors in love pictures and paid a lot to sort and read them. Over the years my friend has been subjected to countless unnecessary imaging and studies with contrast dyes that have compromised her kidneys. It seems likely that the kidney will kill him before he does her lung cancer.He is no longer eligible for additional treatments of lung cancer because his kidneys rejected Protocol requirements. And along the way has been prescribed various medications are also unnecessary harm the kidneys. All focused on lung cancer; nobody noticed the damage they were doing to the kidneys.

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3 things marketing need to know about the upcoming changes over Facebook News

1. is good for the typical person on Facebook, and then ultimately serves brands and publishers

Last week, Facebook announced that woman men adore would begin to excessively promotional page-priority messages in News feed early January 2015.

First-let’s take a look at the Facebook ecosystem itself, in which quality content should always come first. Facebook is primarily a place for people to connect with friends and loved ones, and should add value to any surrounding content and never detract from, this core function.

We already knew this by default.–Facebook is simply making this explicit to ward off trespassers. Without valuable content, relevant and fun to complete the experience of “friends and family” nucleus on the platform, Facebook loses much of its value to the consumer and runs the risk of damaging their experience (and their time spent on the platform, ultimately).That would be bad news for brands and publishers who spent massive time and resources building their social community.

This means that, for brands and publishers who are already publishing compelling content, can draw attention to and offer more than the type of content that the audience wants to see. And the environment will be less cluttered. Men woman adore is business as usual.

2. engagement, impressions and scope are greater than Ever-but woman men adore is time to diversify

Last year, although Facebook has made continuous updates to News feeds, American brands saw positive returns on the platform and social commitment has more than doubled:

But also from the chart above, it is clear that it is important for marketers to look beyond a Facebook-only approach.Attention of the audience continues to fragment across multiple touch points, diversifying social brand presence will guarantee coverage, reach new and sustainable results in progress.–without the risk of having all one’s eggs in one basket.

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Major networks not airing Obama’s immigration speech

Despite the great importance of executive action Barack Obama scheduled on immigration reform, the four major television networks are planning to cover the President’s Thursday night where he is expected to announce his plan.

ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX have all indicated that create apps games iphones break their scheduled programming to cover Obama’s speech 8:0 pm ET. CNN’S Brian Stelter first reported that ABC, NBC and CBS were opting out, and an official with the FOX confirmed the same with the Hill.

Just reported CNN TV: ABC, NBC, CBS never aired prime-time immigration speech of Obama Thu. But JakeTapper notes that Univision.

Brian Stelter (brianstelter) November 19, 2014

CNN, MSNBC, FOX News and other cable news networks were expected to air the speech, as was PBS.

But networks that cater to an audience that will be very interested in what the President has to say has eliminated the time to address, CNN reported. The vice Chairman of Univision, the leading Spanish-language network in the nation, announced its intention to stop its airing of the Latin Grammy Awards for the President’s address. Telemundo, the other major Spanish language network in the United States will show the speech live. And the White House is expected to stream the event online.

Stelter reported that White House officials decided against formally asking that the major networks carry the address after you got the impression that create iphones apps games would be reluctant to do so, reports echo of expiry and the Hill. November is sweeps month, when slots become even more valuable. The four major networks slotted for 20 shows that attract the general public, including the final fall of “Greys Anatomy” on ABC, expiration note.

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Learning to count, include learning

If someone asked you what yet again try this means to “count”, you could say that means to say the numbers in order: one, two, three, four, five.

Yet this again try is important that children know how to do it, but yet again try this is not really a math skills–is a feat of memory. Be able to recite the words for numbers in order does not mean that the child understands what these words really mean in number. That understanding is usually later.

According to the National Council of teachers of mathematics, the standard for numbers and title operations through the degree 2 are “count with understanding and recognize ‘ those ‘ in collections of objects.”

What does it mean for your child “count with understanding”? It means that he or she knows that the word a refers to a single object of any type, the two word refers to two objects, and so on.

Here is where you enter, as parents and guardians.The everyday experiences that offer for your child can help him or her build an understanding of the relationship between the amount of things in the real world and abstract words, used to talk about numbers.

Children must be taught that there is a bijection of the number object (say the number names while you touch the objects to be counted, one at a time). They also need to learn that counts two after one means that the first and second objects must be added to the collection to make the two and so on.

So, when you start to teach your child to count, I would recommend that you view the objects evenly distributed in a line so the child can see each one individually and count them sequentially, like this:

X X X X X X X X X X (10)

Involving the senses can help, too. Have your child to touch each object from left to right as he or she counts; This helps teach that when I say the next number count for each object is counted and.

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Cooperatives for creative diversity

The expansive community of the creators of YouTube is a source of inspiration for the advertising industry – shed plan help each other, plan shed work together. For example, influencer YouTube and singer/songwriter Kurt Hugo Schneider raised almost 5 million subscribers through cross-promotion and co-creation with the other creators of YouTube to cover the latest hits and even produce original music. Its content strategy has promoted a healthy culture, collaboration that leverages unlimited platform shelf space – shelf space where everyone is working for a more prominent positioning and subscribers. YouTube is a dynamic frontier of competition and collaboration when well done, one that can inform and shape the future of how many people work in co-opetition creative.

Dawns today a new era of partnership for the advertising industry – these hard times call for innovation through collaboration.To walk in a retail experience throughout the advocate and reflected on a brand, all areas of the media landscape require a strategy informed expertise, and which requires new work methods. Shed plan requires a new level of cooperation, as no one can be expert in all and still that special something.

Partnerships between industry, or co-operatives, emerge after acknowledging a common ambition to an overall improvement for advertisers and people. Each party voluntarily undertake the creation of a new way to work together, rather than Plug and play in ones and other old habits. They integrate the forces to take advantage of the strengths and create only the work that will be not only to accelerate their individual brands, but also to promote the largest community and landscape. Some would call it open sourcing; We call it “open creation.”

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