10 Super Bowl facts, not in connection with #DeflateGate

184 million American will watch the Super Bowl this year and more than 40 million will host a Super Bowl party. Here are ten interesting facts, not related to deflate-gate.

Fine of $ 500 000

This is the amount of money Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch would be fined if he did not speak with the media for the Super Bowl.

395,000 Tweets halftime
For Twitter, halftime is King. According to Twitter, last year, over 100,000 Tweets were sent through sending and 125,000 at the end of the game. However, half trumped both, with almost 400,000 Tweets.

325 million Gallons of beer
More than 325 million gallons of beer will be swallowed up during the Super Bowl this year, and as Forbes points out, this is more than a gallon of beer per person in the United States. It is also enough beer to fill an Olympic swimming pool.

13.5 million viewers of Puppy Bowl
Last year, a record 13.5 million watched Puppy Bowl of Animal Planet instead of the Super Bowl. This year, don’t be surprised if this record is broken again.

48 million order Will Take Away
To put this figure in perspective, more Americans ordered take-out that the entire population of the Canada.

12.5 million Pizzas
More pizzas are sold on Super Bowl Sunday than all the other days of the year. Eve of the new year, Halloween, the eve of Thanksgiving, & new year’s day completed the top five. With 12.5 million pizzas supposed to be ordered this year, tea box is pushed to the wavy boundary. Pizza Hut alone, expects to deliver pizzas 2 million on Super Bowl Sunday. Viewers will also consume more than 1.25 billion to 11.2 million pounds of chips and chicken wings, but vegetables will actually food more consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

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Superbug fear meets Super Bowl Ad Sexy Burger with antibiotic-free

At the end of an ad to air during the Super Bowl XLIX, a mannequin dressed takes a bite of new “All-natural” Carl’s Jr. Burger. Bold Flash on the screen: without antibiotics.

The risk of advertising nature has triggered a controversy, but maybe not as passionate that the debate that continues on the widespread use of antibiotics in livestock producers – and the role of the practice may contribute to the increase in the rate of infections resistant to antibiotics in humans.

“This advert you Carl Jr. sees this as enough of a public program,” said Michael Hansen, senior researcher with consumers Union division, policy and action by Consumer Reports. “They realize that this is something people want and not just something a bunch of activist, the end of the world people are trying to push.”

Brad Haley, marketing director of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of Carl Jr., confirms the intuition of Hansen: “We sell what people want to buy.”

The new hamburger, from cattle free-range, grass which are never exposed to antibiotics, steroids or added hormones, fed it is a ‘revolutionary’ thing for the fast food industry, said Haley. “Research indicates clearly what is something greater and greater importance to generations to come,” he said, noting sales of the Hamburger “exceeded projections” since its debut six weeks ago.

The World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of United States and other scientific experts warn that the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in humans and animals pose a serious threat to public health. Twenty – three thousand Americans die each year of pathogens that were once easily treatable, but now resists full arsenal of modern medicine of antibiotics.

On the whole, cattle, pigs, chickens and other livestock receives about three-quarters of antibiotics in the country – with most of these drugs administered in low concentrations to prevent the spread of a disease or simply to promote growth. Just as an incomplete course of antibiotics can result in the increase of a more virulent infection in a person, this sublethal use in bacteria of animal means capable of supporting drugs will survive, reproduce and transmit their resistance to the next generation of bugs on the farm.

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Uber Probed By Judge On Driver Benefits

Dan Levine, SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A U.S. judge appeared skeptical bid uber on Friday for a quick grant decided that its drivers are contractors and not employees, a critical question regards Silicon Valley Exchange economy. App-based ride service uber and smaller rival Lyft, face separate lawsuits seeking class action status in Federal Court in San Francisco, brought in the name of the driver, who claim they are employees and entitled to reimbursement of expenses, including gas and vehicle maintenance. The driver currently pay the costs themselves. A judgment against the two companies could clearly subject of proceedings raise their costs and force social security to pay workers accident insurance and unemployment insurance. That could affect the reviews for other startups based in large networks of people who provide rides, clean houses and other services. At a court hearing on Friday, U.S. District Judge Edward Chen said uber bid for a judgment that its drivers are contractors grant one is “hard” to face the fact that the drivers of uber goals serve. “The idea that uber just a software platform, a service provider, and otherwise nothing, I do not think a very convincing argument”, said Chen. Ultimately the question to decide a jury would have, he added. The hearing came one a day after a similar Lyft. In this case U.S. District Judge Vincent Chhabria said if drivers are employees or contractors is “very difficult” to decide, but the California law appears to prefer the driver. Chhabria has not yet been decided. Uber has raised more than $4 billion from prominent venture capital firms like benchmark and Google ventures, appreciation of the company at $40 billion and therefore the most valuable US release. Lyft has raised $331 million from Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund and other investors. The drivers are not yet decided how much money you are looking for compensation. Drivers argue that she should be considered employees because uber Lyft hire and fire them and require them to accept a certain percentage of trips, to pass background checks. Uber Lyft counter that drivers are their own schedules, taxes associated with no territory and are not supplied with all equipment apart from an iPhone and a character. (Message by Dan Levine. Editing by Andre Grenon).

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Greece riots!

Hardly the elites have worldwide their annual talking shop high in the Alps in Davos last week as leave spoke of people in Greece. In a mutiny against an unsustainable Status Quo have against those who will go over the things going. Now populism doesn’t have righteous economic, financial and political reality to imagine, if Greece way turn other European States.

To keep as it develops in the coming weeks, with the drama we have WorldPost reader directly to the daily blog by Yanis Varoufakis, who himself describes “erratic Marxist” who is connected to Greek Finance Minister. Letter from Athens, HuffPost Greece Editorial Director Sophia Papaioannou says Alexis Tsipras victory is suffering Greeks “Time and space” to deal with their predicament. Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou argues that the way of the future now polarized the one after the election for a national referendum on a “Greek plan” to reform, nation is bound.Rena Dourou, a member of the victorious Syriza party, determines that the vote so much against the corruption of the formerly ruling political parties in Greece, as it, against austerity measures was.

Xenia Kounalaki, foreign editor of the Greek daily Kathimerini, the question is whether Spain, France and Italy will follow the Greek revolt against austerity measures. Harris Ikonomopoulos looks as “Pyrrhus”, be it unless its reform plans by other EU countries supported the Syriza victory.

Letter from Tokyo, Japan’s former Defense Minister Chief Yuriko Koike, says that Japan’s constitutional restrictions on the use of force have prevented measures to the hostages by ISIS, and argued that this must change. New Delhi, writing checks that would align India with other democracies in Asia against China visit to India the strategy of “Asian arc of democracy” revived Pawan Khera President Obama.

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Bernie Sanders shows how Reagan helped to destroy the middle class

WASHINGTON-President Ronald Reagan remains a revered figure in American politics, even though people on the left were taking a more critical look at its economic legacy in recent years.

So perhaps it is no surprise that Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders would not fine the Gipper. But when Sanders took the Senate Chamber Thursday evening to offer a broad vision for knowing how to do something to help the declining middle class, offered a stunning chart that showed just how bad most Americans fared during economic recoveries after the advent of Reaganomics.

The graph starts showing that in the decades after the second world war, the bottom 90 percent of the country captured most of the income growth during the rebounds from tough times. But then came the era of Reagan, and George h. w. Bush once nicknamed “voodoo economics.”After Reagan has implemented its policies, the 10% grabbed nearly 80 percent of the income growth coming out of the oil crisis of the late ‘ 70.

“Whoa! What happens in 1982? ” Sanders said, noting the dramatic reversal in his diagram. “Well, Ronald Reagan is President, and the good news is that we’re in trickle-down economics.”

The Democratic Socialist is certainly aware that other factors, such as technology, the decline of the Union movement and globalization all played their roles, but its data makes for a terribly cruel portrait.

“Frankly, this is a metaphor,” Sanders said. “This is an example of exactly what trickle-down economics is all about.”

Watch Sanders, above.

Michael McAuliff covers Congress and politics for the Huffington Post. Talk to him on Facebook.

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What is the problem with school choice?

What could be bad “school choice”?

The answer to that question depends on the answer to another: what does it mean “School of choice”.

“School choice” means a school district creating schools magnet focused in science or the arts? It means schools that are subject to the same standards and accountability as traditional public schools? Does it mean to create tax schemes to launder money from the public coffers and religious academies or schools of cyber for-profit? Mean dismantling public education altogether and leaving school children to the tender mercies of the market?

“School choice” can mean that all of those things, for that is not a very useful term to discuss policy options for himself. But it can be a very useful term for those whose agenda for public education is in the nastier end of the spectrum.Some efforts that will be under the seal of the education reform or to the “alternative school” are clearly designed to strengthen our public education system so that it can better provide students with a quality education. But others really are mechanisms for diverting money tax free financing religious indoctrination, turning schools into centers of corporate profits or underfunding of public education. Covering all under the cloak of “school choice” allows the cover above provides for the latter.

The vague term is now appearing in tens of thousands of yellow flags bright announcing “National School Choice Week,” a bombardment of annual public relations that blurs a wide range of approaches to education policy in a friendly message, tested in survey on parental empowerment and student achievement. No doubt many participants are people with a passion for the strengthening of public education and providing access to better educational opportunities for children.

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Do not think to bring your robot for the Super Bowl, FAA says

The Super Bowl is traditionally a time for multi-million dollar commercials and wardrobe malfunctions. Oh and some football.

One thing that is not welcome? Drones.

That’s the message behind a warning listing recent Federal Aviation Administration not to carry the drones for the game this Sunday.

“The big game?” says the ad, posted on YouTube Wednesday. “Have fun, cheer on the team and maintain a no-drone zone. Not to spoil the game; Let your drones at home. “

Sorry, drones. It looks like you’re stuck the whole game tailgating. Save some Bud heavies for us.

A post on the FAA’s Web site processes unauthorized aircraft are not allowed on any NFL games, regular and post season. The rule also extends to the NCAA college games in stadiums of 30,000 seats or larger, Major League Baseball games and NASCAR events.

The site also illustrates the penalties for violation of this rule:

The FAA aviation alert (PDF) makes it clear that anyone violating the rules can be “intercepted, detained and interviewed by law enforcement personnel or security. In addition to possibly land a violator in prison over an unmanned plane a crowded Stadium could result in a civil penalty by the FAA for careless and reckless operation of an aircraft.

While the FAA has yet to release a complete set of regulations on the use of the drone, pressure is mounting after a drunken man crashed his White House grounds drone on Monday. A drone carrying six pounds of meth from Mexico was also found recently crashed near the border.

But in case you’re worried about locking Government Organization overall rowdiness on the Super Bowl, you don’t have to worry about FAA.The Department apparently approves rip-offs of game-day following:

H/T this week.

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Global study shows path to improve

One of the first global financial literacy tests administered to 15-year-olds identified critical among top performers: students persevered and showed openness to problem solving, and schools were the freedom to customize their lessons.

That is one of the surprising conclusions of the financial literacy test inaugural programme of International Student Assessment (PISA), which assessed the skills and knowledge of 29,000 15-year-olds in 18 countries and economies in 2012. Final results of this important study were released in September, and PISA’s officials announced that the evaluation of financial literacy will be offered as an optional component in 2015 test.

PISA was launched in 2000 by the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), which promotes policies that support the economic and social well-being of the world.

Financial literacy portion of the test was developed in response to the global financial crisis that began with the 2008 market crash in the United States and has persisted throughout the world. “With high levels of youth unemployment, growing inequality, a considerable gap of gender and the urgent need to relaunch the growth in many countries, we have no time to lose,” the report says.

Students of the United States earned an average score of 700 out of a possible 492, which ranks those guys between the eighth and twelfth place among all 18 participating countries and economies, according to the study of PISA. Other results from the results of the United States:
Students of the United States about one in 10 is a superior performer-9.4 percent, compared to 9.7 percent in the OECD countries. The report says that this means they can “look forward to resolve financial problems or do the kinds of financial decisions that are only relevant to them in the future.”Added that top performers” can take into account financial documents functions that are significant but not declared or is not immediately apparent, such as transaction costs and can describe the potential results of financial decisions. “
Students of more than one in six United States-17.8 percent, compared to 15.3 per cent in OECD countries-do not reach the basal level of competence in financial literacy.

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GoDaddy pulls 2015 Super Bowl Ad after that the slew of negative feedback of an Animal Advocates

The recently released GoDaddy 2015 Super Bowl ad generated a whole lot of outrage from animal advocates and was quickly retracted Tuesday.

The ad, called “Journey Home,” features a golden retriever puppy named Buddy who bounces out of the back of a truck before traveling through a series of harrowing environments to get to a bright red barn.

“Buddy! I’m so glad you made penisgrowthguide home!” a curly-haired blonde exclaims. “Because I just sold you on this website I made with GoDaddy.”

The last scene shows Buddy loaded in a box in the back of a van — driven by GoDaddy spokeswoman-racecar driver Danica Patrick — being dispatched to his new owner. As the door slams shut, the woman commands, “Ship him out.”

In a statement titled “We’re Listening, Message Received,” GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving touched on the intention of the ad but acknowledged things didn’t go quite as planned.
At the end of the day, our goal at GoDaddy is to help small businesses all over the world, build a successful online presence. We hoped that our announcement will increase the awareness of this cause. However, we have underestimated the emotional response. And we heard that loud and clear.

Among those who have not found this ad to be quite as saucy as hilariously GoDaddy could have hoped for is Steffen Baldwin, President and CEO of the Ohio Task Force to animal cruelty.

“Each animal year are killed across America, over 7 million every year because the commitments of life are seen as products use and throw, which could not be bought, traded and sold as an X-Box,” says Baldwin.

“How insensitive, uncaring and disposable, that these animals are portrayed in the GoDaddy commercial shows all that is wrong with the puppy’s industry in less than 60 seconds and fewer rows and rows of cages stacked on top of stacked cages and breeding dogs that are able to walk on the grass after living a life in a crate to be bred until penisgrowthguide no longer serve a useful purpose to the owner”.

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6 Michigan fraternities, brotherhoods suspended for vandalism Ski Resort

Six Greek organizations at the University of Michigan are now suspended due to his involvement in vandalism of two ski resorts, the school confirmed this weekend.

Sigma Alpha Mu, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Psi Chi and Tau Sigma Delta and Delta Gamma Phi Alpha sororities were each suspended by their national organizations related to fraternities reported vandalism to resorts in Michigan during the weekend on January 17.

“Behaviors are a contradiction of what it means to be in a community, and we do not believe that being away from campus is a license to act irresponsible and destructive,” E. Royster Harper, Vice President of student life, said in a statement. The University is investigating this fully and those responsible will be responsible for.It is especially disappointing given that this behavior does not reflect the vast majority of students a-u – M participating in Greek life and committed the many valuable contributions which provide these student organizations”.

Members of Sigma Alpha Mu, and Sigma Tau Delta fell at Treetops Resort, while the others stayed at Boyne Highlands Resort Condominiums, according to the Michigan daily.

Initially, the Manager of Treetops Resort estimated the damage to be around $50,000, but that total has grown in the last week to between $85,000 and $100,000.

Highlands Boyne stations expects the total cost for your damage being close to $20,000, reports ABC News.

The Ann Arbor News says that after a weekend of January trip, students left the stations with broken doors, accessories and furniture, holes in panels of plaster and dirty carpet to treat.

“This terrible incident has been widely publicized across the country, and with good reason: was an act of shocking respect.” We, as leaders and Greek at the University of Michigan, will not tolerate such acts, or leave such behavior fall under the radar, “said UM Student President Bobby Dishell, Interfraternity Council President Alex Krupiak and President of Panhellenic Association Maddy Walsh in a letter, apologizing for the incidents.

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