The pay gap is much wider than most Americans think that

Democrats hoping to use the income inequality to voters by car to the polls in November facing a critical problem: Americans don’t know how uncomfortable the rich nations are.

In a recent study, American researchers said modern dining chairs thought that CEO pay at large companies was approximately 30 times more than their own. In fact, CEO pay averages 354 times what a worker earns from the same company.

Americans also said contemporary dining chairs thought that the pay gap between the CEOs and workers should be about 7 to 1. To obtain this ratio, the workers will have to make $1.8 million annually, another study concluded.

Prominent Democrats, including the Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, attracted national attention to focus on income inequality. Some States this year have put minimum wage referendums on their ballot in November, a move that could lead the democratic participation in competitive races.

The misperception of the pay gap may help explain why the strategists have seen recently that the income inequality is not an issue that resonates with voters.

I think that modern dining chairs doesn’t have an immediate personal and there are many other things that speak to the inequality which are much more immediate and much more tangible and much more real for people, Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster, said the Washington Post in July.

While the income inequality may not be a top issue in this election year, views of the Americans on the ideal pay gap shows that it has the potential to boost support in the future for candidates who can awaken voters to what is wrong with the rich who dominates the nation.

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Why is it so naive?

Challenging Facebook is not about delivering a naive message about privacy and freedom from ads. Dog carrier purse is about understanding how we use the market, brands and technology to construct our moral identities.

In a matter of days, the new social network Ello, described as the “anti-Facebook” for its stand on privacy and advertising, has become an Internet sensation. Ello is rapidly catching on on with its simple message which takes aim at frustrations of Facebook users. As Ello’s “manifesto” states: “We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life. You are not a product.”

But you actually are. We all are.

As a sociological game, social media is not about being an authentic person. Pet carrier bag is about trying to become an authentic person in the eyes of your audience — a moral protagonist.The goal is to convince the members of the family, friends, colleagues, customers and other stakeholders, through a continuous process of emotional Self branding, that we are able to do right, or better yet, the ‘right thing ‘ – even if we are forced to navigate a landscape complex of moral ambiguities.

As enterprises of authenticity, we need two things:

cultural and resources to build the authenticity of the market

a technology that brings several producers of authenticity, including not only the regular consumers but also brands, advertisers, opinion leaders, intellectuals, celebrities, journalists and other technologies together so that we can ‘love’ and ‘share’ points of view and each other

Facebook includes its role as a technology of identity – dog carrier purse provides the first tool for the empowerment of the individual, not well, but precisely because it is also the first tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate the perceptions of others.

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Clinton Global Initiative Makes Big Statement About Empowering Women

NEW YORK (AP)-Bill and Hillary Clinton marked the 10th anniversary of the former President annual Clinton global initiative, on female empowerment Around the world show how the former Secretary of State holds a 2016 – presidential campaign.

The Clintons presided over their annual Assembly of Heads of State and leaders, executives and philanthropists on Monday, attention on the role of women in leadership positions and opportunities for women and girls Around the world.

“We can grow, not the global economy, when we open not the doors for women to participate in the economy,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Cheap pool tables was quite exciting to see many of the changes that go forward, but cheap billiard tables is also somewhat onerous, to see how hard change is still in my own country included.”

Theme of the Conference is called “reimagining impact”, a term that might apply to a future presidential candidate.In an interview on the stage with Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank, and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, the former First Lady listened attentively, as the IBM executive spoke of the importance of the transformation effort All the time.

Reimagining effects, Hillary Clinton said at the end of the session, “requires leaders that will reimagine and who is without fear and starting issues, with uncomfortable questions.”

Bill Clinton, Latin America said in a separate interview with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, the rest of the world often as a “real macho place” be considered and might be surprised to learn that Bachelet had won a second term, while Brazil is led by a female President Dilma Rousseff.

“If there are no women in a senior position, people can speak of equality, but cheap pool tables is just a speech”, Bachelet said. She said if Chairman of female outperform, “then it is a model for others.”

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More Proof That Anti-Obamacare States Desperately Need Obamacare

A lot of large urban areas, where a large portion of the residents lack health insurance, help isn’t on the way.

Seven of the 11 major metropolitan areas where the uninsured rate was above the national average of 14.5 percent last year are in States that refused to extend to Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Two in Florida, three are in Texas, and the others are Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina. The metropolitan area with the highest rate of insurance was Miami, in an astonishing 25 per cent, compared with the low of 4 percent in greater Boston National.

Behold, a breakdown of members of the larger metropolitan areas, prices began the expansion of the coverage of Obamacare, courtesy of figures published this week by the United States Census Bureau.

The Affordable Care Act applied for Medicaid benefits to be available to anyone earning up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level, which is approximately $11,500 for one this year.Twenty-six percent of people with incomes in this range were secured last year, the Census reported.

To date, 23 States, mostly in the South, have not adopted the expansion, despite the generous federal funding. When the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act in 2012, the judges also ruled that the expansion of Medicaid is optional for States.

Why complicate things for people outside the Medicaid expansion is another part of the Obamacare law allows only people who earn less wages of misery to get financial help to pay for private health insurance – for those who earn less nothing.?

According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, these decisions not to expand the program will stop 4.8 million people without health insurance. More than 1 million of them live in Texas, 764.000 are in Florida, 409.000 are residents of Georgia and 319.000 live in North Carolina.

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What’s in Your Mindful Toolbox? A Singing Bowl

We heard the sound of the bowls on the first day of school.

Actually, we heard the sound of the shell during the first week of daily. The children were pulled into the bowl or the Bell, as we, cheap glutamine is sometimes called. You enjoyed the weight, color, and texture and often commented on his temperature. You are above all the sound fascinated, cheap glutamine powder made and how does that sound in her mind, heart and body echoed. This time the sound started to devote to Bell a year-long dialogue on hearing, depth hear, feel and memory.

Looked tired, nervous and a seating area with regard to meet our first day of school feel, gets our meet tomorrow in progress. Take a few minutes and the children’s attention drifts in and out until cheap glutamine is time to ring the Bell. You can then determine children up big sit in their seats with relaxed shoulders shifting place their hands in their round or positioning her legs.Children are so quiet as possible; means for A few really do not move. For others, in their own way, the silence is interpreted; you might move their bodies swaying to internal or external stimuli or gently shake a leg or two.

With one hand on her belly, and the statement “. When you can No more hear the Bell, you lift your belly-hand”I hit the Bell with a wooden Gong. Some children have the fourth-graders in the class now, their second year with me, close their eyes and others look to their friends To give privacy. Of course A few look, eyes Pierce to keep from friend to friend until they get my mine and then To try them, and a look at the ground, or not.

To ensure safety, I mean keep eyes open. I’m working on to focus my attention on my breath as the vibrations of the Bell in my flat hand swinging my arm. I scan the children and alternately seconds tick off the thin, to see red second hand on the clock, to second.My mind wanders off, pass 20 times yearning for summer, 25 seconds. Feeling, rise and fall, a pair of hands start my own belly in the air to increase start pairs of eyes, able to see what, and if you still hear the Bell a look around. Ten more seconds passed and children begin to stir. It is still a good time to sit and feel calm on the first day.

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The World Spewed More Carbon Pollution Into The Air Last Year Than Ever Before

WASHINGTON (AP) Spurred mainly by China, India and the United States, the world threw more carbon pollution in the air last year that ever before, scientists announced Sunday as world leaders gather to discuss how to reduce the heat-trapping gases.

The world pumped an estimated 39.8 billion tonnes (36.1 billion metric tons) of dioxide of carbon in the air last year by the burning of coal, oil and gas. That is 778 million (706 metric tons) tons or 2.3 percent more than the previous year.

“Is in the wrong direction,” said Glen Peters, a Norwegian scientist who was part of the international team Global Carbon Project that tracks and calculates the global emissions each year.

Their results were published Sunday in three articles in the journal Nature Geoscience and climate change of nature.

Team projects that emissions of carbon dioxide, the main gas traps the heat of human activity, are increasing at 2.5 percent this year.

The scientific forecast that emissions will continue to rise, adding that the world in 30 years will warm by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 degrees Celsius) from now. In 2009, the world’s leaders call that dangerous level and pledged not to reach.

“There is little short time,” said Pierre Friedlingstein of the University of Exeter in England, one of the authors of the studies. “Most don’t do anything, most likely sticking this wall in 2040 – something.”

Chris Field, a Carnegie Institution ecologist who heads to the United Nations about global warming, the panel called the studies “a raw and sobering picture of the steps we must take to confront the challenge of climate change.”

More than 100 world leaders meet on Tuesday at the UN climate summit to discuss how to reverse the trend of emissions.

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Surge Soda Again Sells Out On Amazon

Surge needs reinforcements.

This past Monday, when Coca-Cola began selling 12 packs of soda-lime at Amazon, marking the first time in more than one decade that the product was on sale anywhere – almost immediately sold it.

Supplies are replenished quickly. But Saturday the bubbling green drink had sold once again.

The company promised to replace the item for Monday on Twitter.

Green goodness will return to on Monday! Still looking for to get your * surge. * SURGEisback

-INCREASE (SURGE) on September 19, 2014

The first time that the product sold at the beginning of the week, new supplies were available before the end of the day. Rucksack backpack was not clear why rucksacks would take until Monday, this time by Coca-Cola to replenish.

Coca-Cola did not immediately return a call from The Huffington Post.

Surge was suspended in the middle of fall sales 11 years ago.Coca-Cola revived the drink, which has achieved the status of cult in the midst of the current wave of nostalgia for the 90s, at the behest of three superfans who organized a group called the movement of ascent.

With the drink out of stock at this time, some sellers are wholesalers can 12-packs wave of almost $244. The same 12 packages sold for $14 at Amazon earlier this week.

A screenshot of list of an external provider at Amazon for a dozen cans of 16 ounces of surge.

The drink was produced for the first time in 1996 as one of what would be several failed attempts by coca-cola to overthrow rival PepsiCo popular Mountain Dew. But dew highly caffeinated dominated the market after its own brand as a drink energy with ads with athletes to extreme sports.

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House Campaign Committees Are Sitting On $100 Million In Cash

WASHINGTON (AP) the two party committees charged with electing the members of the Chamber are sitting on a pile of $100 million in cash, suggesting voters in a few competitive districts will face an avalanche of late political advertising.

Committee National Republican Congressman Saturday reported banking almost $46 million and raise more than $4 million last month. The Democratic Congress Campaign Committee announced last week leather tote has more than $10 million and has almost $55 million to help its candidates.

Democrats now have outraised Republicans in 18 of the last 20 months despite along the coasts of the toggle of the Chamber’s Republicans control.

Republicans should retain their majority after the November elections, when all 435 seats in the House are in election. Redrawn districts in Congress favor Republicans, and only a handful of seats are seen as competitive.At the same time, the party that holds the White House trend to lose seats at this stage in the term a President, and the President Barack Obama remains very unpopular in many districts of the Congress.

Despite this, the parties have been raising and spending heavily.

In August, the Democrats spent more than $12 million to help applicants and proprietors of the House. The GOP has spent half, but $6 million is still double what he spent in July.

Combined, the committees of the two parties have raised more than $260 million so far and spent $163 million.

There are currently 233 Republicans and 199 Democrats in the House. Three seats are vacant.


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NFL Fumbles

The NFL is one of the most powerful cultural institutions in the United States. Silver watches for women dominates television ratings, drives marketing, fantasy football decisions and provides endless content throughout the year for bloggers, columnists and commentators. The average NFL team is worth $1.43 billion, and its players earn more than $20 million a year. Many communities invest in cutting-edge stadiums to organize his team. And many NFL players are active role models in their communities.

The NFL is a big business, but with their success carries a great responsibility. However, the owners and the Commissioner of the NFL have more committed to protect its businesses that out later in several key social issues that have faced the League. Where is the leadership?

Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell admitted both to speak specifically on the management of the League Ray Rice’s domestic abuse case.”Unfortunately, in recent weeks, we have seen all too the NFL doing wrong.”That starts with me, he said. “I made a mistake in the handling of the matter of Ray Rice. And sorry for that. I was wrong on a number of levels: from the process that led to the decision which I have come. “But now well and do what is necessary to achieve this.”

Roger Goodell began his career in the NFL in 1982, and has been Commissioner since 2006, a role for which paid a staggering $44 million last year. He said his job is to “protect the shield,” a reference to the NFL logo. But where would the NFL without their players? Is where to focus the League should have been from the moment that silver ladies watches became aware of the impact of numerous incidents of domestic violence, injuries to the head and the illegal use of drugs.On the other hand, the NFL has had a reactionary policy to each of these growing crisis designed principally to alleviate a problem of public relations.

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How To Tell If You Should Buy Alibaba Stock, In 1 Simple Flowchart

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba went public! Yes, a normal person should buy Alibaba stock?

Goose feather pillows may seem tempting, with the stock jumping the 35 percent from its initial public offering price of $ 68 on the first day of trading on Friday, making goose down pillows more valuable than Facebook. But before you jump in and buy stocks of Alibaba, you can consult this handy Flowchart:

-Flowchart of Alissa Scheller

(Hat tip Felix Salmon for the equity investments as a metaphor of golf.)

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