It’s Back to School — Are Your Kids Safe?

Starting today, American parents have sent 69 million children to school and day care. But many have no idea what protections exist to maintain security in places very had to be protected.

According to a new survey of Harris Poll Online, 63 percent of United States parents with children in school or not are very familiar with emergency plans in those places. Forty-two percent don’t know where to meet up with their children in case of evacuation.

This is worrisome, because the disaster can attack at any time and anywhere–a point reinforced by survey national parents included in Save the Children 2014 disaster ratings, out today.

More than half of the families of United States (54%) with children in school or have been personally affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, school shootings or other types of disasters.Only last year, our nation has experienced at least 20 school shootings and 50 natural disasters that require a federal response.

Two thirds of parents 1,012 in nationally representative survey, said scrapbooking sketches were concerned about risks of national disaster front of her children. Seventy percent worry about school shootings.

However, 67 percent of American parents don’t know if school or daycare for your child practice drills of emergency frequently, or not at all. And here comes good. basic emergency plans are not required even in 21 States and Washington, DC. (You can check your status here).

Parents do not make much better at home. While three out of five say sketches scrapbooking have an emergency plan in place, many of the parents have not taken basic actions to protect the children. For example, nearly a third of these parents do not have a family meeting place. More than one third of them don’t even have two days of food and water supply.The supply is recommended to five days.

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Why Investing In Girls Is The Smartest Move We Can Make

The lack of access to education and healthcare for girls around the world not only hurts girls. instant commission affiliate network hurts families, communities and economies. Last month, UN Women published an infographic illustrating in numbers only the beneficial support young girls may be to a country’s economy.

According to a UNICEF report on investing in children, every dollar spent on the reduction of malnutrition can result in a return of up to $30 – and reduce the health inequality by 1 percent a year increase of the countrys annual GDP growth rate.

And not only invest in the education of girls stimulates the economy, also has the power to save lives. A child whose mother can read is 50 per cent more likely to survive beyond the age of five, according to the 2011 UNESCO Global Monitoring Report, and reduces the risk of maternal death among women with more education.View infographic of UN women below for more evidence that healthy, educated girls can have a profound positive impact on societies and economies.

This post is part of a series of HuffPost in collaboration with UN women, in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and the platform for action. To see all the other posts in the series, click here. Click here for more information on Beijing + 20 UN women’s campaign.

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You’re Out of Debt, Have Savings, and Are on Track for Retirement. What’s Next?

The last time you checked, wore no credit card balances, saved up six months in your emergency fund earning, and had constantly taken to your retirement contributions every year.

Congratulations! You’re one of the lucky ones, financially hard some of you who have your basic financial Securitynumbers–i.e., retirement, credit card debt and emergency savings–under control, and you deserve great praise. But the big question remains: what now?

For starters, make sure that this financial security needs really met you. This means that saved at the beginning of six months of net salary in an emergency fund and no credit card debt, woodprofits also should be noted, is to replace on the way to 85 percent of your income in retirement through regular contributions to a retirement account.

If that still means as woodprofits sounds, that you probably have a stash for cash, that you try to find a use for.Before you decide to live a little larger, look to these four ideas for your extra dough from LearnVest planning services CFP David Blaylock. You can you some options Forsmart decisions about your spending and save type.

1. new financial goals with timelines
The financial reason backup destinations are similar for all. But in addition you have the plans for your money selling everything. What you need and want in life? What save is worth for the next? Your answers to these questions can initially based on what you want, whenever you want on financial objective of the start process, which find out what goals focus.

“We have always targets beyond [basic financial security],” says Blaylock. “Woodprofits could be his college savings. We’re looking to maybe buy a house [and the] deposit. Or maybe it’s something special, like save a big trip, a wedding or a new vehicle.These are some I see common. Some people want to even save up to start their own business to. There is always a target next-in-line.”

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Amazon is preparing to spend $1 billion to buy the tremor, a service that allows people to watch broadcasts of other video games, according to the technology news of the site The Information.

Earlier this year, Google has been reported to be in talks to acquire the shaking for about the same price.

Twitch, which allows people to broadcast videos of themselves playing and disseminates professional video game tournaments, earn money from advertising. The company says that more than 55 million people visit the site every month.

Contraction began as an offshoot of Justin.TV, a “lifecasting” site which began in 2005, according to Vulture. It has become very popular since it launched a stand-alone site three years ago – it is in fact responsible for more Internet traffic than HBO Go, video platform streaming HBO, according to Sandvine, a company that manufactures equipment for networks broadband.

Representatives of the Amazon and the shaking was not immediately returned requests for comment by The Huffington Post.

It is a story of developing countries. Check for updates.

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Ten Steps to Using Twitter in the College Classroom

As all faculty University, August means end fall syllabi and lesson plans, and articles of pre-reading for fall courses. For many teachers, this process involves thinking (or reconsider) on how to leverage social media to engage students in learning the half.

At Rutgers, understanding and design of Social media course is designed as a hybrid, the best a MOOC online learning environment style well structured, with a solid programming and structured my active fall from Tuesday to Thursday of each week and a weekly meeting in person on Wednesday.

Having experimented with social media for learning, especially Twitter, through my courses, I am convinced that social media offer powerful opportunities to connect with students, providing new ways for them to take learning. But do it well takes much planning and structure, especially if social will be part of their graduate classroom activities.

Below 10 strategies and tactics are to integrate Twitter into your University course.

1)Assign a course * hashtag. The hashtag is the most basic of the formalities of Twitter. Assign the hashtag course early, include it in all your materials and your hashtag constantly to promote culture of Twitter through their learning of the course of reference. The label should be short, catchy and relatable (bad example: * introcommunication101CFU). My course of autumn at Rutgers is low Tweet * rusocial14.

2)Provide training of Twitter. An incorrect name of the Millennium generation is coming to higher education with high level of social media skills. In general, they do not. Assign the digital natives, Instagram, the generation of selfie – any tag generation – born text messages, Twitter and socialize in digital. But, as all communication skills, strategic use of social networking is a skill that is learned.If you expect that the students live-tweet Ted Talks, learn to follow and engage with issues via Twitter or even creates a critical mass around the course discussions, training should be offered as part of your course. Mid-career students returning to learning, or continue their education, are unlikely that have used social media, especially Twitter – in a strategic context. These are important skills to learn in the context of a modern education.

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